Barack Obama: Frontrunner for CEO of Barnes & Noble?

Barack Obama: Frontrunner for CEO of Barnes & Noble

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…Voted by the Internet of course. Barnes & Noble shocked the book industry last month when they unceremoniously fired their CEO for “violating company policy”. The book industry, understandably concerned as this had been B&N’s fourth CEO in five years, has taken it upon themselves to throw out some names of those they think should […]

Barnes & Noble made shock waves when it announced their CEO was fired. Publishers are concerned there be no more major book stores in the US in five years.

Publishers are concerned about Barnes & Noble

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Barnes & Noble made shock waves last month when it was announced that their CEO was abruptly fired with no explanation. Publishers were immediately stunned; Demos Parneros was the fourth CEO B&N has had in five years. The news concerned many bookselling experts. And if publishers are concerned, does that mean that the last major […]

Studies show that eReaders are healthier for your eyes than other screens.

eReaders are Healthier for You than Other Screens

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eReaders are healthier? Readers of eBooks on non-designated eReaders may be doing their eyes a disservice as studies have shown time and time again that their iPad, other tablet, or smartphone screens are not good for long term browsing. Studies show that reading books on eReaders are healthier for your eyes and prevent long term […]

Walmart eBooks? Available sooner than you think.

Walmart to start selling eBooks and eReaders soon

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Walmart eBooks? They will be available sooner than you think. Not too long ago, Walmart announced a partnership with Kobo, a major player on the eBook field on the international level that had yet to properly maintain a presence in the US, what with Amazon and Barnes & Noble dominating the market. However, the retailing […]