eReaders are Healthier for You than Other Screens

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Studies show that eReaders are healthier for your eyes than other screens.

eReaders are healthier?

Readers of eBooks on non-designated eReaders may be doing their eyes a disservice as studies have shown time and time again that their iPad, other tablet, or smartphone screens are not good for long term browsing. Studies show that reading books on eReaders are healthier for your eyes and prevent long term damage compared to reading books on other types of screens, especially for the developing eyes of children.

The reason being for this is that Kindles and other eReaders made using eInk are designed to specifically look like paper, and their screen are not constantly refreshing like computer and most tablet screens do. While you don’t consciously notice this refresh rate during your browsing, your eyes definitely do, and this is what causes eyestrain when you look at your screen for too long.

The University of Toledo‘s recent research shows that the blue light on these digital screens also killing our eyes. Moreover, as we stare at these screens, we blink less which also causes dryness and can lead to infections and further damage

So are our eyes doomed?

We are now realizing the long term risks of staring at screens every day for too long. People are starting to have significant vision loss at earlier and earlier ages as they get older, and as we spend more time looking at our phones and our tablets, it can’t just be a coincidence.

This comes after news that audiobooks have an overall beneficial impact on your mental health. The conclusion? Everyone who wants to live a well rounded and healthy life needs to have more books of all formats into their lives. And don’t forget to take plenty of breaks to rest your eyes.

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