Barack Obama: Frontrunner for CEO of Barnes & Noble

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Barack Obama: Frontrunner for CEO of Barnes & Noble?

…Voted by the Internet of course.

Barnes & Noble shocked the book industry last month when they unceremoniously fired their CEO for “violating company policy”. The book industry, understandably concerned as this had been B&N’s fourth CEO in five years, has taken it upon themselves to throw out some names of those they think should be considered for the vacant position, including… former President Obama?

The poll, launched by major bookstore industry newsletter Shelf Awareness, was begun to get the opinions of the book industry on who they think could lead Barnes & Noble. And boy, did people have ideas.

The original idea of the poll was to canvass the book industry on who with the necessary experience they think could lead B&N out of their problems. The previous CEOs did not have much in terms of bookselling experience but instead experience in leading retail and sales.

Besides Obama, there were a few other unexpected write-in votes.

In addition to Obama’s nomination, there were other names thrown into consideration. There were a few realistic options pitched, options who actually have bookselling experience, which is something crucial that B&N’s previous CEOs lacked. Certainly, there were a few more wildcard names entered via the write-in option, such as Stephen King, James Patterson, and Donald Trump.

With bestselling authors Stephen King and James Patterson, it’s easy to see why people would nominate them as they have made their careers off of selling their own books and have well documented experience of making money. With Donald Trump… no comment.

Is Obama actually in the running?

Barnes & Noble hasn’t officially commented on whether they will take any of the nominees under consideration (which won’t be until September as many of their executives are on vacation until then), but certainly, the book industry is holding their breath to see weather the next pick will have bookselling experience.

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