Why Setting Up Your Author Central Page is Great for Marketing Your Books

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The world’s largest online retailer Amazon has over 90 million visitors per month. It also has the lion’s share of the book business, both in print and digital.

Though Amazon introduced its marketing platform through the Author Central Page, many independent authors have yet to discover this wonderful marketing tool.

By using this tool, authors can effectively promote their book, their business, or their platform in ways they may not have even imagined.

When using the Amazon Author Central Page, authors can include their bibliographies, list their published books, reviews, post photos and blog posts, videos, book trailers, and interviews. Amazon’s platform helps increase the discoverability of authors so they can increase their search ranking in both Amazon and Google search results. To set up this page, authors simply need to create an account. They can also get direct support on the phone if they face some problems in setting up the page.

Read more about the author central page directly on its Amazon page.