The Power of Keywords: How to Make Your Book Discoverable on Amazon with Keywords

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You wrote a book with months or even years of time and energy, but what if your book got lost into the pool of hundreds of thousands of books published each year? It would be a bad nightmare for every author! But wait . . .! You can make your book discoverable on Amazon—the number one search engine site for books—by choosing accurate and relevant keywords. Optimizing your book with powerful keywords decreases the various promotion efforts and increases the sales of your book. Which ultimately means more money in your wallet which is always a good thing.

But how does using the right keywords boost the sales of your book?

Well, Amazon is a search engine like Google and Yahoo, but unlike Google and Yahoo, people will search Amazon with the mindset of buying. They usually search for certain keywords to find something that they are looking for. One of the major factors behind Amazon’s success is that it can place the right product at the right time in front of the right customers if the product is optimized with correct and relevant keywords.

The relevant keywords help your book show up on Amazon’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and because of these magic words, your product can win readers’ Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), an online decision-making moment when your possible readers are not quite sure about buying your book. A beautiful cover, a gripping description, an alluring author bio, and other great metadata will give your readers that extra push to make the decision to buy. The five major sections of your book—the book title, sub-title, description, reviews, and author name—must be emboldened with most searched and accurate keywords.

Readers find books (or any other product) on Amazon generally by two ways—by typing keywords in Amazon’s search bar or by searching on Google, where 67 percent of the world’s Internet searches take place. Because book description and reviews on Amazon are directly indexed at Google, cherry-picking the right keywords for book description and author bio sections (includes Author Central Page) make your book more discoverable on Amazon. Sometimes, even the keywords used in the interior text—preferably in copyright page—of your book influences the Amazon search if the ‘look inside’ feature of your book is active.

Working with an expert who is knowledgeable about the book-ranking algorithm used by Amazon can make your book more discoverable and can bring forth dramatic sales. The following links on Amazon page might be helpful for further information regarding making book discoverability with keywords: