Barnes & Noble to open 5 new prototype stores

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In spite of recent news that Barnes & Noble may finally be keeling over, Barnes & Noble has announced they will open five new concept stores in 2018, with the first to be opened soon in Hackensack, New Jersey.

As they’ve previously mentioned, these new stores will be much more smaller than the mall-sized behemoths we’re used to. Barnes & Noble is finally implementing the idea of scaling down their locations in order to better serve their customer base, following the examples set by indie bookstores that have been thriving in spite of a “dying” book industry and small location sizes.

These new stores will also retain their cafes to encourage customers to spend more time in their stores.

But the question is will the book community choose to support these new concept stores? After all, there was a lot of love lost after B&N has laid off thousands of employees who worked for them simple because they genuinely love books. Can Barnes & Noble rebuild that trust?

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