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Hybrid Global Publishing combines the best of traditional publishing and self-publishing. Quality publishing with speed, flexibility and impact!


The Strauss Blog

  • Barnes & Noble Urged to Sell Itself by Investors

    For the first time in a while, the price of Barnes & Noble’s shares rose and it seems to have happened because there is talk Barnes & Noble is considering selling. Or at least it’s what one of their investors is urging them to do. Predictions are already abound about how the new possible owners can […]

  • Book Discovery: a Marketing Challenge for Authors and Publishers

    The era of digital disruption in publishing is over and now begins a new age: an age of book discovery! For both publishers and authors, getting books discovered on the internet is more important than publishing itself. The major responsibilities of book publishing have now shifted into marketing, distribution, and more importantly, discovery. It’s very common […]

  • The Power of Long-Tail Keywords in Author Blogs: How to Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines with Specific Keywords

    Writing blogs—whether on Tumblr, Medium, WordPress, or any other platforms—is one of the most crucial tools for an author to reach to their specific audience and drive traffic to their product site. But, it’s just as important to make your blog discoverable so it reaches its targeted audience. To optimize your blog article with keywords, […]

  • The Power of Keywords: How to Make Your Book Discoverable on Amazon with Keywords

    You wrote a book with months or even years of time and energy, but what if your book got lost into the pool of hundreds of thousands of books published each year? It would be a bad nightmare for every author! But wait . . .! You can make your book discoverable on Amazon—the number […]

  • Why Building an Email List is Important for Your Book Marketing

    Building an marketing email list for both authors and publishers is a great help in targeting specific readers. In this inexpensive digital marketing method, readers are provided with free content to easily download such as sample chapters, prequels, or previews in exchange for their emails. The email subscribers are then followed up with promotional emails in order to […]

  • Why Setting Up Your Author Central Page is Great for Marketing Your Books

    The world’s largest online retailer Amazon has over 90 million visitors per month. It also has the lion’s share of the book business, both in print and digital. Though Amazon introduced its marketing platform through the Author Central Page, many independent authors have yet to discover this wonderful marketing tool. By using this tool, authors can effectively promote […]

  • Hybrid Publishing: What’s the Big Deal?

    The world of publishing is constantly changing and always adapting to new technologies and customer expectations. It’s always been this way: from the invention of the very first printing press in 1440, which made it easier than ever to print books, to the advent of eBooks and the ease of publishing your own books, the […]

  • The New Barnes & Noble: Attracting Readers, Not Authors

    Barnes & Noble may be the last big name physical book store still around but they are barely hanging in there. In an effort to drive sales, they’ve started taking measures to bring in (and keep) people hanging around their bookstores. It isn’t as beneficial for indie authors to go try to promote their books […]

  • How to Market and Sell Yourself (and Then Your Book)

    In today’s world, you have to learn how to sell anything and that includes even yourself. It’s what publishers and authors know all too well. It’s easy to assume the book would sell itself since it is what you have to show for all that time and hard work you put in. But it just […]

  • Nonprofit Looks to Foster Publishing Industry in the West

    “With approval from the IRS of its request for nonprofit status expected within the month, the organizers of the Colophon Center have announced plans to create a new foundation aimed at promoting book publishing in the West.” http://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/industry-news/publisher-news/article/70583-new-nonprofit-looks-to-foster-publishing-industry-in-the-west.html