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The Strauss Blog

  • Google is Getting in the Audiobook Action

    Is Amazon’s monopoly over audiobooks at an end? Android Police, a website devoted to mostly Android phones, recently studied some of the coding for the new update for Google’s play store and found references to audiobook formats along with the existing apps, eBooks, and games they sell. Seeing as how Google does not currently offer […]

  • Amazon Bookstores are not Making Money

    News of Amazon’s physical bookstores created shockwaves through the book and publishing industries; from the first whispers of the ideas to the actual ribbon cutting of the locations, just the thought of them has sent ripples to all of Amazon’s competitors. Aside from just existing however, the brick and mortar stores haven’t actually justified the […]

  • Amazon is Celebrating Indie Authors for October

    For the entire month of October, Amazon is showing their love for indie authors by showcasing them on a special page. At www.amazon.com/poweredbyindie, you can see their celebration of all things indie. Amazon is also simultaneously running a social media campaign on their Facebook and Twitter pages where they want to hear about the experiences of […]

  • Barnes & Noble no longer in the technology business

    In news shocking no one who’s been paying attention in the book industry, Barnes & Noble has finally announced that they are no longer in the tech game and trying to compete with Amazon and Google. Rather, they are making the decision to focus on their flagging physical stores rather than focusing on their flagging eReaders. Barnes […]

  • Audiobook Sales Increased in 2017

    Audiobooks have been reigning for a while now in the publishing industry as the new popular trend. Despite having been around for a while now, the sales boom does not seem to be slowing down any time soon as the sales numbers have just come out for the first quarter of the year and they have gone up. […]

  • Is Barnes & Noble Considering a Sale?

    After recent news that one of Barnes & Noble’s key investors urged the company to sell itself, could the book retailer be finally taking up that advice in the face of dwindling business thanks to Amazon? The company claims otherwise but there seem to be rumors abound that there has been facilitations of a buyout… […]

  • Amazon Opens Another Store in NYC

    Amazon has opened another store in New York City, its second in the city after its first was opened a few months back and its eleventh store total nationwide. Unique to the 34th Street location is a café inside the bookstore where customers can conveniently grab a coffee or snack while shopping. Amazon plans to unveil […]

  • Barnes & Noble Urged to Sell Itself by Investors

    For the first time in a while, the price of Barnes & Noble’s shares rose and it seems to have happened because there is talk Barnes & Noble is considering selling. Or at least it’s what one of their investors is urging them to do. Predictions are already abound about how the new possible owners can […]

  • Book Discovery: a Marketing Challenge for Authors and Publishers

    The era of digital disruption in publishing is over and now begins a new age: an age of book discovery! For both publishers and authors, getting books discovered on the internet is more important than publishing itself. The major responsibilities of book publishing have now shifted into marketing, distribution, and more importantly, discovery. It’s very common […]

  • The Power of Long-Tail Keywords in Author Blogs: How to Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines with Specific Keywords

    Writing blogs—whether on Tumblr, Medium, WordPress, or any other platforms—is one of the most crucial tools for an author to reach to their specific audience and drive traffic to their product site. But, it’s just as important to make your blog discoverable so it reaches its targeted audience. To optimize your blog article with keywords, […]