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The Strauss Blog

  • eReaders are Healthier for You than Other Screens

    eReaders are healthier? Readers of eBooks on non-designated eReaders may be doing their eyes a disservice as studies have shown time and time again that their iPad, other tablet, or smartphone screens are not good for long term browsing. Studies show that reading books on eReaders are healthier for your eyes and prevent long term […]

  • Walmart to start selling eBooks and eReaders soon

    Walmart eBooks? They will be available sooner than you think. Not too long ago, Walmart announced a partnership with Kobo, a major player on the eBook field on the international level that had yet to properly maintain a presence in the US, what with Amazon and Barnes & Noble dominating the market. However, the retailing […]

  • Amazon Should Not Take Over Libraries

    An article recently posted on Forbes that caused a huge outrage on the internet this week. An economics professor by the name of Panos Mourdoukoutas proposed in a now controversial Forbes opinion piece that since Starbucks and Amazon have rendered public libraries virtually useless, Amazon stores should just replace libraries altogether. His reasoning was that […]

  • Audiobooks have a positive effect on mental health

    Audiobooks are currently the fastest growing part of the book industry. Readers of this type of book format are noticing the positive benefits on their overall mental health. Given that people are spending more and more time using their eyes to look at screens every day, listening to audiobooks give them a chance to rest […]

  • Spotify is in negotiations for an audiobook deal

    In light of the news that audiobook sales have grown enormously over the last few years, Spotify is the latest to throw their hat in the audiobook ring with their negotiations with Scribd in order to distribute their audiobooks. Clearly the mostly music streamer is broadening their horizons, as they already are a huge distributor […]

  • Audiobook sales have doubled in the last five years

    In news shocking no one who has been paying attention to what’s going on in the book industry, audiobook sales have blown up in the last five years in the UK, thanks to their increasing popularity. According to the Nielsen UK Books & Consumers survey, print book sales have gone down about 3% from the […]

  • Five Imprints of Big Five Publishers That Accept Unsolicited Submissions

    It can be hard for new or indie authors to get published by one of the “Big Five” publishers, but it’s not impossible with some elbow grease. If you don’t know what the “Big Five” publishers are, they are the biggest publishers still traditionally publishing books the old fashioned way. Most of the Big Five […]

  • Walmart is poised to become Amazon’s biggest competitor

    Walmart is upping the ante in their fierce rivalry with Amazon by partnering with Kobo to provide customers eBooks and audio books directly. This news will undoubtedly affect Amazon, who currently maintains dominance over the industry with Kindle and Audible. By partnering with Kobo, Walmart has established itself as a huge force to be reckoned […]

  • Barnes & Noble to open 5 new prototype stores

    In spite of recent news that Barnes & Noble may finally be keeling over, Barnes & Noble has announced they will open five new concept stores in 2018, with the first to be opened soon in Hackensack, New Jersey. As they’ve previously mentioned, these new stores will be much more smaller than the mall-sized behemoths […]

  • Barnes & Noble is Finally Dying

    Barnes & Noble has made waves once again recently, and it doesn’t look good for the flailing book retailer’s future. They fired 1,800 people nationwide by cutting certain positions in an effort to save about $40 million a year. The mass layoffs were so unexpected that when longtime employees showed up for work, they were […]