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When there is a message that needs to be disseminated to the world, Strauss takes the guesswork out of the mysterious and complex process.


Our publishers range in editorial content but all need sales growth in various channels. We have extensive and long held relationships with buyers ...



For authors who want a publisher with firsthand experience of traditional publishing, fused with the latest technologies. Let us embark as partners on the journey of crafting your book – just as you want it.



Strauss Consultants is an independent sales and marketing group focused on working with publishers who want to expand their reach and increase revenue


With more than 30 years of publishing experience, Strauss will help you increase your revenue and work with you to develop long term strategies


Hybrid Publishing

Hybrid Global Publishing combines the best of traditional publishing and self-publishing. Quality publishing with speed, flexibility and impact!


The Strauss Blog

  • Hybrid Publishing: What’s the Big Deal?

    The world of publishing is constantly changing and always adapting to new technologies and customer expectations. It’s always been this way: from the invention of the very first printing press in 1440, which made it easier than ever to print books, to the advent of eBooks and the ease of publishing your own books, the […]

  • The New Barnes & Noble: Attracting Readers, Not Authors

    Barnes & Noble may be the last big name physical book store still around but they are barely hanging in there. In an effort to drive sales, they’ve started taking measures to bring in (and keep) people hanging around their bookstores. It isn’t as beneficial for indie authors to go try to promote their books […]

  • How to Market and Sell Yourself (and Then Your Book)

    In today’s world, you have to learn how to sell anything and that includes even yourself. It’s what publishers and authors know all too well. It’s easy to assume the book would sell itself since it is what you have to show for all that time and hard work you put in. But it just […]

  • Nonprofit Looks to Foster Publishing Industry in the West

    “With approval from the IRS of its request for nonprofit status expected within the month, the organizers of the Colophon Center have announced plans to create a new foundation aimed at promoting book publishing in the West.” http://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/industry-news/publisher-news/article/70583-new-nonprofit-looks-to-foster-publishing-industry-in-the-west.html

  • Writing is learning to practice the piano

    When your father first commands you to play the piano, when you sit down on the cold bench, you don’t crunch out the fifth symphony, do you? You don’t even come close. You bang at the keys for fun, feeling out the sound and rhythm of the piano. Then you come back (a feat of […]

  • Five Proven Tips for Self Editing

    We’ve all been there: that point when you’re done with a story, essay, manuscript, or what-have-you and still reeling from the elation of feeling the accomplishment. Chances are you’re eager to get on with the next step in the process so you steamroll ahead, but is it really the right step? As writers, we all […]